3 hours of insane rock with no breaks.

The entire stadium was filled with a great amount of fans all there for one thing, to hear one of their favourite bands, Green Day.

The set list was amazing, full of songs new (from 21st Century Breakdown) for the newcomers and of course the older, more punk songs for the fans that have been there since the beginning such as “Nice Guys Finish Last”. Every single song sends the crowd into a wild frenzy of jumping and cheering fans. There is not a single person that is still. Those in seats may not be jumping but are clearly having a great time throwing their arms in the air and not singing but screaming the lyrics to all the songs.

It’s unusual to see a band so enthusiastic and involve the crowd so much in their show. This is one of the rare gigs that is mind-blowing and makes you see the band in a whole new respect. Many people had criticised Green Day for turning more mainstream rock than their former less famous punk genre that they were categorised into. However, the band members (Billy Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool) show that they, despite being in music for 23 years, have not become stuck up and still show their punk side by not caring what other people have to say about them and who would with such devoted fans.

In the crowd there are people with t-shirts from gigs just a few days before. Showing that they are major fans and that Green Day isn’t a band you see once, they are the type of band that you have to see over and over.

Each member of the band interacts with the crowd by having fun, messing around and dressing up. They take no breaks but have an interval where they sing a lot of famous songs to the crowd such as ‘Highway to hell’ and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. They invite a lot of people on stage to help them sing their songs.

The show ends with the bands slowest songs which are: ’21 Guns’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’.


They’re back! Bullet For My Valentine return with their long awaited new album Scream Aim Fire. After a hectic few years of lead singer Matt Tuck suffering from laryngitis which eventually lead to tonsillectomy surgery the Welsh rockers are back with a new world tour and a new album on the rise. Their new album features a different metal approach than their last one. Which if Bullet aren’t careful they can start sounding like the majority of metal bands and lose their originality which they are known and loved for. Songs such as Hearts Burst Into Fire, Take It Out On Me and Say Goodnight are prime examples of the different area of metal Bullet For My Valentine are wanting to hit. However, tracks Scream Aim Fire and End Of Days reassure fans that Bullet For My Valentine are still the same fiery metal band that they always have been and haven’t changed their sound too much. Hearts Burst Into Fire is one of the most obvious and superior songs on the album, although it is slow and features little screaming it is a love song with a twist. Yes, though the name may give off a different impression the song does contain something sweet yet harsh within. Something only very few bands can pull off, even fewer metal bands. This song is followed by ‘Take It Out On Me’ which features a treat for Skin-dred fans as singer Benji Webbe shares the song with Matt. Although, it may not be the sound we’ve all been preparing are ears for there is no doubt that Bul-let For My Valentine have done it again and made another great album. Scream Aim Fire is very different from their first album The Poison but as long as Bullet For My Valentine don’t stray too far from where they originally came it is promised that they will still be one of the world’s favorite Metal bands for years to come.

The long anticipated album from the Lostprophets stands out from the rest with it’s new dark division of rock. The album gives a whole new look to Lostprophets with dark, twisted lyrics you wouldn’t of thought capable from the same band that have produced softer elements such as A Town Called Hypocrisy and 4:AM Forever.  If It Wasn’t For Hate We’d Be Dead By Now is the first song on the album and straight away lets you know that this is different to all other Lostprophets albums with lyrics such as “if it wasn’t for death, I know I’d never feel this alive.”

The album is inspired by the difficulties Lostprophets has had with it’s recording company which meant their album had to be produced by Visible Noise and Sony Music Entertainment instead of  Visible Noise and Columbia who produced their last album Liberation Transmission. This delayed the band’s release of the album to January 2010 when the release was meant to be not long after Liberation Transmission which was released in 2006. The album has not yet been released in the USA due to the recording company difficulties.

The song Dstryr and Dstryr is an example of one of how Lostprophets have not only became darker with their music and lyrics but heavier too. The band were never a ‘screamo’ band but have been close with songs such as Burn Burn whereas Dstryr and Dystryr shows a new side to Lostprophets where Ian Watkins (the bands lead singer) does scream. The music is heavier in the sense that its became less pop-rock and become closer to Metal. The music is closer to Lostprophets’ earlier albums.

Recent fans who grew to love Liberation Transmission will love the songs set for mainstream which are It’s Not The End Of The World But I Can See It From Here and Where We Belong.  Fans of their earlier albums will like most of the album but mainly Dstryr and Dstryr  and Next Stop Atro City. The album though much darker than Liberation Transmission can be seen as the perfect mix of all Lostprophets’ albums. Though, the album may not be in the taste of most people, there are songs that can appeal to practically anyone.

If anyone can make an entrance it’s Linkin Park. The waiting crowd scream as the extended intro to ‘No More Sorrow’ is blasted from the wall of speakers. As the curtain drops and the show begins the band is met with the roars of highly devoted fans. This being the last show of the tour meant it was also to be their longest and best show of the year.

Biffy Clyro had made a great warm up act to Linkin Park, by causing the crowd to become (if possible) even more enthusiastic for the real show to begin. Despite their best efforts Biffy Clyro’s performance seemed somehow unnatural like a Polar Bear out of its’ natural habitat.  It may have been the UV lights that seemed to be too much for the band to handle, or maybe it was just the way lead singer Simon Neil tried his hardest to belt out the occasional mosher-esque scream which was totally out of place in these songs.

Mid-way through the gig Lead Singer Chester Bennington announces that ‘Given Up’ (probably the most rapid, upbeat song on their latest album Minutes to Midnight) is not only to be released soon but the video accompanying it is to be live and filmed right here. This causes absolute chaos in the crowds and the whole place becomes absolutely insane as mosh pits begin to break out across the floor.

The set list is a perfect combination of fast and slow songs with such tracks as ‘Numb’ (a cult favourite) somehow blending into Linkin Park’s slowest song to date ‘The Little Things Give You Away’. The tune of this song isn’t their usual style yet they pull it off in true Linkin Park style.

Linkin Park really know how to show appreciation to their fans. Throughout the show they continually talk and get everyone involved, making this band different to the others that don’t seem to acknowledge the mass amounts of fans standing before them. Linkin Park were made to play massive shows and in return they leave a huge impact on the people lucky enough to be there.

One of the most popular local bands in Sunderland can be seen busking on the streets.

The band Athletes in Paris, who are regulars at most local clubs such as Independent, can be found playing their music on the streets and handing out flyers to promote themselves. They busk on the streets during the day but play live shows at night.

One fan, Sarah Tatum, stated “I like that they still busk on the streets and talk to fans because it shows that they are still down to earth”.

The band plays alternative/pop/rock and are a similar sound to the music by Sting. They formed in Newcastle but mainly play around Sunderland.

When asked the best way to describe their music the band replied: “Our sound is a bit like a toad wrapped in a tea towel banging a bongo!”

When the band was asked about busking on the streets and talking to fans on facebook they replied: “We like to busk because canteens and bus stops are generally busier than your average venue in Sunderland……. unfortunately! We love talking to fans on Facebook”

Another fan, who is a follower of the band, said “I met the band when I was just walking to campus, and they were busking on the street and handing out flyers to one of their shows. They recommended that I add them on facebook and listen to their songs. I find it strange how even though they play gigs regularly and have a lot of fans, they still play on the streets”.

Your Demise and Architects make the perfect build up to the show, making the crowd go crazy.

The band burst on stage with the heavy Fast Forward To 2012. Welcomed by a room full of excited fans. As soon as the band took to the stage the whole room seemed to fill out with waves of the jumping crowd.

A Day To Remember don’t build up the suspense with a dramatic introduction but come straight on to the stage much like their music, no long introduction just plain in-your-face rock.

The band don’t stop for a single second and keep the crowd entertained throughout. They don’t talk much to the fans but don’t ignore them, they mainly talk to introduce songs.

The crowd’s enthusiasm remains throughout A Day To Remember’s slower songs such as: Homesick.

Jeremy McKinnon’s angelic pop-punk voice is perfectly mixed with his metal screams.

The band mainly play their newest album Homesick, which is the album that made them gain their popularity with their first song on the album Downfall Of Us All. A more softcore album than their earlier releases. A Day To Remember show that they still are a metal band as they play Heartless, their heaviest song from their first album And Their Name Was Treason. They also remind fans that their new album may be more softcore but they still hold on to some metal roots with their newly released song I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of.

The crowd sang along to a lot of the songs on their older albums too, such as You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance.

The gig was quite short and the crowd seemed quite disappointed that it came to an end so quickly but it was worth it as the band played an amazing set with a good set-list, though there could of been more songs from their older albums for their earlier fans.

Billy Talent tour the UK on the release of their latest album, Billy Talent III. After a postponed event, Leeds 02 Academy is still full of people eager to see the band.

The support bands for Billy Talent provide the perfect start to the night. Canterbury start and seem like a strange band to be at a Billy Talent concert but their soft punk-pop is made up for by Cancer Bats, a heavy metal band. Both seem strange to start a punk concert but it’s perfect as Billy Talent are exactly in the middle.

Billy Talent are off to a slow start with ‘The Dead Can’t Testify’ but quickly pick up the pace with ‘Devil in a Midnight Mass’. After this song, Ben Kowalewicz begins to apologise to the crowd for cancelling the show in October because “it was either keep playing gigs or dying”. He proves that he’s back to his strong, screaming, mosh-pit self when he begins to belt out ‘This Suffering’, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

‘Line and Sinker’ is the song on afterward. After, Ben talks to the crowd for a bit, making jokes as usual and asking the crowd to protect him from when he made fun of Kings of Leon at Leeds festival.

The majority of the set list is all from the latest album Billy Talent III, which some of the crowd doesn’t seem too pleased with, but the real fans still love it, as the front half of the crowd goes crazy and the mosh pit in the middle of the crowd continues to grow as the show goes on.

Billy Talent seem to have the knack of talking to the crowd and playing songs to the perfect amount of time. They don’t ramble on in irrelevance nor do they completely ignore the crowd. They also know how to get the best reaction out of the crowd as there is not a single person in the room who is standing still or quietly.

The encore was the band’s fastest and most famous songs ‘Fallen Leaves’ and ‘Red Flag’. The gig seemed like it had only been on for 5 minutes and even though they played a brilliant set list, an amazing show and were entertainingly funny the 2 hours still left you wanting more. They’re the kind of band you want to go see over and over again, you can’t get enough of Billy Talent.